Life has Joy And Sorrow

In today's world man has to struggle a lot in order to survive may be because of over growing population and also a series of competition. Even a talented and well qualified person is often side tracked which shows that noted people are no more liked or has a proper place in this society. Fortune and luck is also another factor and has its effects on our life because one cannot get less or more than their expectations which is written in his or her fortune no one can add or minus our belongings without the will of God. If one has to progress in life than have to struggle a lot and have to work very hard for getting success which is not at all easy. In order to get it easily it requires quite hardships. Just by expecting something odd to happen like a miracle that would change our status or fortune is not good. One has to work all through the day by good means to get good results. Another thing be noted is that in spite of hard work and continuous efforts one may even not get success may be it is a testing time for them. One has to still keep on working whole day and would sure come with taste the bliss of success in life. Remember if all together if God has written unsuccessful thing in our life than no human in this world has the tendency to change our fate or fortune, many a times people are found visiting many graveyards, religious people and other people doing all unislamic things spoiling our true Faith. Today many news channels have been showing many religious people firmly quoting to change the future of people it's not true mere just publicity in order to run their shops. People are humble and does not judge it logically and fall prey to such things. Remember only sincere pray to God and hard good work can change it. Not all people of the world are successful in life. One has to change the profession if does not get success in life. Many a times we intend to do that work which is being done by others. We follow them by imitation, but it's their hard work that they reach such stage. Similarly we should find our interest in work, mere not to chose or do that work against our choice or will it would be waste of time and money. Find out our own interest and choice of our subject and work and concentrate hard on those specific goals without considering what others will say. On the contrary if we have firm belief towards our Lord than would be very nice. Success and unsuccessful all comes from God and being human we have to stand firm at both the situations. Our work is just to perform with sincerity and honesty and how to bless that hard work should be left to God who is very much Merciful and cares for all. So do not associate anyone with God He is only One and Only One, beg and approach towards Him He listens to all.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession