Burma Has To Answer For Human Carnage

The recent ongoing innocent killing by Burmese tribes is shame on society and nation and at time to come Burma has to answer for that. The way minority communities are being targeted and slaughtered like animals is horrible to see and hear that too in the holy month of Ramadan. Remember no religion in the world permits violence in any form either physical or mental. Today Burmese people may think that they are the autocrats. The government and power is in their favour so they can do anything against humanism and no one would dare to stop or punish them for such heinous acts. But not to be forgotten that all such people were shown the proper place by Almighty God and time would come when Allah Rabbul Izzat would take revenge from them. Turn the pages of history and trace examples of many such cruel people with huge fleet of soldiers were even defeated by God. One cannot go against the principle and laws of God. Allah would surely punish who ever the culprit is. Today they may feel happy and enjoy a lot but very soon time would come when these people would beg for life and mercy. Time does not remain the same it keeps on changing. Remember Allah listens to the prayer of poor, humble and innocent people and who so ever would abuse, torture, kill such poor and innocent people God would never ever not forgive them. Holy month of Ramadan is meant for doing Ebadat, charity and generosity all through the month, but Muslim people in Burma are being targeted in such holy month for which Allah would not leave the culprit.

Who so ever the authority or government they have to answer for such innocent killings. Such incidence has created shame for Burma in international level. People from all developing nations have thrown criticism in all social networking websites and media. Burma the land of peace and harmony has become the den place of human killings. Burma should understand that innocent killings would have no solution to any problems. Hence they should stop killings of people and if they have any moral values left than they should do the rehabilitations of minorities as soon as possible, or the coming generations would never forgive them. Every person has to taste death and has to answer for his or her deeds. So be prepared. Today may be our turn next time it may be yours. So one has to answer for all those innocent killing. Every human being in this world has the right to live. We cannot deny fundamental rights of the people. It is government who is responsible for all such crises. They should issue strict orders to such anti social elements who choose such path of mass killings.

A cry of Muslim brother

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