Terrorism Has No Religion

Terrorism is an act of violence to cause huge destructions of humans and loss of property. This terrorism has no religion. No religion in the world preaches or teaches about terrorism. From time to time there have been attacks of terrorism around the world, but today the face of terrorism has changed a lot and today as we are living in modern scientific and technological world there is a huge loss of humans and public property. But this terrorism has always been attached by one specific religion by the Indian media that is Islamic militant. One of the main drawbacks of media is that without any inspection the name of Islam is attached into it and it is very bad. Even if the so called person is a Muslim, Hindu, Christian or who so ever we can't blame the whole religion for that. If any person who is an anti-social element he should not be blamed for his religion. Why a person is like that it is not his religion's fault nor has his religion taught him to do so. Media just fear from expansion of Islam so they drag the name of Islam with terrorism. It's a baseless allegation from them and has to pay for such illegal allegations as Islam is a religion based on love, compassion, mercy and universal brotherhood. Violence has no place in Islam one cannot harm his or her own body how can Islam permit to kill others when it does not allow to even cutting of green lush trees. If any Muslim is found of any guilt that his name and actions are highlighted in such a way to make up the mind of people that Islam is associated with terrorism, no way people are also clever and are fed up of such news and have the option to change the channels as a protest and they know what is the truth people who ever have any doubt should go into the matter deeply and try to find the truth rather than trusting on false media and would reveal that things would be exactly opposites which were being shown. In order to clear the doubt people should read the scriptures or contact informally about any issues. Terrorism is an act that needs to be condemned and no religion permits it to do it. We can't take life of people or cause any damage to property. Islam say to love care and protect our neighbor, relatives, towns and so on. It is the duty to safeguard public and public property. Hence forth remove misconception about Islam and show real picture of Islam. Always speak the truth and do not fear from false allegations. Truth always wins and false always perishes. If you want than try this experiment in your life, would find glaring results of it.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession