Psychology may be defined as a science which deals about the human behavior or aspects of human life. The spelling is also somewhat typical which sounds different while writing and also at speaking. The alphabet P is silent while speaking. Psychology plays a very vital role in children. If we deal with proper psychological aspects of our children than the problem could be solved at the basic level to avoid any confusion when they grow up, it is the duty of the parents to provide them fresh healthy and nourishing food and not to make them habituated to eat fast food. Make use of green leafy vegetables as far as possible in their diet. Women can give a different look and taste in making variety of vegetables and fruits items. The diet should have a proper time table to have their breakfast, lunch and dinner in the stipulated time. To make them punctual to eat at a proper time from childhood make them aware of their responsibilities give them some manual and responsible work to make them do their duties give them some assignment of markets and let them see the daily and weekly markets along with you. Let them see how you bargain for certain goods.

Make them familiar about the cost price selling price profit and loss. Let them take part in some good deeds and charitable work so that they can learn to be generous to think about the poor and needy people. Do offer prayer along with them to realize the concept of true God that governs and runs the whole universe. Make proper time table for them. Not to load too much of burden of any mental or physical work of home or school. Share your ideas and views if they desire for it. Take a time to drive for a walk or play with them. Teach them polite manners to implement it everywhere. Do not punish or scold them in front of all. Not to use harsh or derogatory words to make them feel guilty. Explain them in simple and lucid manner. Do illustrate them those problem which they find difficult or hard. If you cannot give the valid answer than do consult the expert of that subject Do give them some reading materials to relax them from the routine of school studies which may includes newspaper, comics, adventure books, fairy tales, cartoons and so on.

Games play stations games and video games are the instruments that train their mind mentally to clear certain tasks or level. They ought to have full concentration to play the game and need to be cautious of all the adventures in between. Teach them love manners, respect and honour from childhood. It is a Psychology that even if teacher teaches wrong answer than also the child takes the side of the teacher because he finds his teacher as best and perfect. So the child imitates whatever he sees at home if we do all good acts at home than it would be as it is imitated by the child.

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