The word pollution may be defined as anything which goes against the ecological balance or spoils our environment by any means can be termed as pollution. It may have different types and impact on the environment but whatever it may it creates serious problems for us and environment. One of the greatest disadvantage of pollution is the newly born Global warming. Many research work related with it have predicated as pollution as the main factor responsible for Global Warming. Many metro and Cosmo politician cities are the adverse affected by pollution. Lakhs of vehicles hum in and out of the cities and states to exhale Carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide which is a serious threat to our environment. It has also resulted in decreasing the percentage of Oxygen by which there is a disturbance in ecological balance.

Rivers are polluted by people, animals, factories and industries. People throw their garbage, litter in the rivers which pollutes the clean water. Animals are given bath in it people urinate there. Factories drain their unwanted water in rivers which pollutes the whole river water creating health hazards for the people. There are many such reasons which pollute the safe drinking water. People just make use of such contaminated water to satisfy their needs as there is scarcity of water throughout the year. Especially small children drink such contaminated water as they are not aware of any ill consequences and they fall ill creating threat to their life. People also are in forefront to pollute the atmosphere by every means they can. They do not begin to bother what so ever. They feel happy and pride by doing such acts. In villages and towns very often people are found cleaning clothes, utensils, animals and many more other things which pollute the water. Today there is shortage of water and electricity. Many places across the country have to go without power supply means without electricity for almost five to six hours. The government has device a new plan known as Load Shedding means cutting of regular power supply in order to meet with such situations. The main reason is that the outgoing power supply does not cope with the manufactured power. The resources fell short as a result there is decrease in power supply. Hence we should understand this serious problem or our next generation would have to work with electricity.

If we glance at the noise pollution than the fact is that the playing of music in newly invented DJ sound system which almost requires a load of truck or a vehicles to carry dozens of speakers and instruments to blend out unbearable beats of modern and western music in calm and quite night results in severe noise pollution. The density of waves sounds rhythms and vibration of sound produced is so unbearable that it could be heard from miles and miles away and it also has the tendency of shaking water form one's belly or it could even break a glass of water to tumble down if it is kept near it. So imagine the frequency of music and its consequences. In order to prevent noise pollution the government has banned using of loud speakers in mid-night.

Now days people just pollute the ecological system by throwing garbage, un-eatables things, papers, plastic, litter, can, bottles, wrappers and many more unwanted things to spoil the atmosphere. Some products from the market may be not be degradable which does not decompose easily and many remain as it is if buried in the soil and does not make the soil fertile or fit for farming. So imagine so many unwanted things are buried in the soil so think of the evil consequences. The cutting down of green and leafy trees is also a threat to our beautiful environment. People just go on felling trees for silly reasons, is also one of the disadvantage of pollution. On the contrary each one should think of planting new trees. Trees purify air and make it oxygenated which is good for us.

Hence it is very much necessary to preserve, care, nourish our environment and prevent our beautiful planet of Earth from any disturbance form ecological system and to make our Earth planet as green, fresh, pure and beautiful as ever.

Liyakat Shah
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