Examination the word itself symbolizes to undergo an specific test of any type may be it in school, college, job or what so ever. It is a procedure which creates distressed, frustrated, depression and psychological disorder in the mind of many pupil. It is due to these factors that one is not able to give cent percent concentration either to studies or work. One begin to feel like something lost and absent minded. It is a Psychology that before examination the pupil just think and thinks about his performance, contents, papers, place and many more relevant and irrelevant questions in his or her mind. They may often fall sick and may spent a sleepless night in its concerns as to how he or she would surpass the so called exam. It is the fear that is the first and foremost thing that creates hazards in our advance preparation.

If we just think about our result it may have just two options at our door steps the one is success and the other is failure. But how to achieve our success. For that purpose we need to plan out our daily routine. Pupils have a lazy habit of preparing themselves just before the examination. This is one of the drawbacks in us it should be removed soon. Daily investment of few hours for studying for our contents would reduce our burden during the examination. Every student wants to clear the exam at first attempt, but they need to mold themselves for that purpose mere just by studying before the exam would not be sufficient for you to come out with flying colours. We have to plan out task in advance in the form of daily learning, calculation, memorization, noting, repetition, writing and daily drilling of our learnt materials are the key stones of success. It is also said that daily learning in morning makes the subjects more efficient and long lasting in our mind as the atmosphere is good and oxygenated. Another important thing is of solving old contents or papers or relevant materials related with our exam. It may give a lay out of actual examination one is appearing. It may prove to be a boon for the pupil to get an experience in advance. It may also give us our actual position as to where we are standing. Time duration is also a vital factor our papers must be attempted and solved in a stipulated time.

Every question and sub-question must be solved in its span of time. The questions which we are unable to solve should not be given more time just for solving them and wasting our precious time. Paper should be attempted in a systematic way for the examiner to check the paper. Writings, signs, symbols, diagrams, labeling, should be highlighted in neat and clean bold and legible way to have an impact on mind of examiner. Prayer to God before and after exam is must to have grand success in your life.

About Author / Additional Info:
Mr. Liyakat Shah.
M.A. B.Ed.

A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles