Repent From Heart

Repentance an act to seek forgiveness from Allah, but this repentance should be from heart and not a procedure to keep on doing sins and repent after doing that. Than it is not a true repentance from heart but a formal action to do it after committing any sin. Allah loves repentance and even if any human has committed crimes or sins for his whole life and feels sad and sorrowful for his past mistakes and sins and offer prayer sincerely and seek forgiveness with rolling tears than his sins would be forgiven by Almighty Allah probably he never do it again or repeat the same action in his life. We should have fear of Allah and if such fear of Allah comes in our heart and mind than our inner voice of heart guides and speaks to us if we intend to do any sin be it minor or major. Every person is bond to do mistakes as everywhere we do find crimes surrounded to us. So one has to be vigilant in leading a true and honest life, Many a times unknowingly we are associated with sins and we even do not know about that. Many people in spite of knowing that sins are very dangerous for us as it would ruin our life after death, but people are so mush habituated that they do not consider crime or sins as sins. They say that they have a huge life left for repentance and it is a greatest misconception in their mind. No one in this world including Kings Presidents or beggars do not know when they are going to depart from this world. So how these people know that they have a huge life left and that too for repentance, Take it an opportunity for the time we have today may be tomorrow we do not have it. Repent just now that too from heart not to do again. Allah Rabbul Izzat gives ample time for returning back to true and honest life free from crime and sins. No matter if you have done crime or sins, seek blessings and mercy of Allah wake up at night when the world is sleeping offer Prayer and beg for Allah's mercy, forgiveness and repentance from every big and small sins that we have committed in life. We have hurted so many people in life. Many a times we have almost cheated, tortured, amused, alleged, killed so many humans and animals. So repentance is must for so many bad things. Repentance is an act given by Allah Rabbul Izzat so that we can correct our self and come to the right path. Allah loves and cares so much for us that He has given us such a beautiful act of repentance. So Billions and millions of shuqran and thanks to Almighty Allah who is Rahman, Rahim, Gaffar and Karim

So we humans should seek forgiveness every time and keep our tongue wet with recitation of Astaghfeh-Rullha.

May Allah Rabbul Izzat give us Hidayat to repent all the time Ameen

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession