Innocent Killings In Burma
The recent incident of human massacre in Burma is shameful act and has defame the image of Burma in international level as few people of Burma went against the teachings of Gautama Buddha who once preached non-violence and chaste behaviour as a greatest principle of Buddhism. Minority community of Muslim race were tortured, abused and killed brutally by Burmese tribe which is against humanity. No religion in the world permits violence in any form. There may be some conflicts, quarrels or some differences in opinions or may be some people have committed some nuisance so the culprit should be found and law to do the next thing. But for the sake of few handfuls of antisocial elements we could not have mass killings of any tribes or community. The massacre was so severe that if seen by naked eyes would make a person cry. As not only females or old but even young children were killed for no reason.

Another important thing to be noted is that Why has the United States or the NATO forces or U.N not intervene in such harmful crises may be because Burma does not have oil resources available. Even the Human Rights organization is silence over this critical issue. Humanity has no religion. Be it a Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or Christian illegal killings should be stopped. There may be crises over certain issues but unnecessary killing is not the solution for any crises which is against humanity.
Similarly the media has kept silence over such crises and should have covered all aspects on grounds of truthfulness to show to the world a defame face of Burma. No channels ever spoke about Burma issue. May be because human blood has become very cheap and no one cares for it. Who so ever human is killed by anyone has to answer for such instance because no religion permits killing of anyone. No doubt there may be some queries or problems with people, but for any solution war or killings has no solutions. Life is precious gift of God and we cannot ruin anyone life not at all. The Government should come up with perfect measures to solve these crises and take certain steps to solve the problem by mutual understanding.

Look at life of Gautama Buddha in spite of having every lust of happiness and prosperous life could not find peace. So he gave up his luxurious life and went to a lonely place to find peace and enlightenment. Violence had no place in Buddha's life and teachings. How come the followers of Buddhism adopt the process of violence?

Hence we it is a request on grounds on humanism to all the Burmese people to stop killings of innocent Muslim people as they are also humans like you. Go in for a peaceful dialogue with both the representatives from all the communities. War has no solution to any problem. In fact war itself is a big problem and may give rise to many problems. Matters can be solved by peaceful means and not by killings, that may only create tensions and envy which has no end.

Similarly Burmese Muslims should respect the sentiments of Burma and not to do any such things that may disturb peace and order of that country. Go in for negotiations from both the sides. Duwa that is seeking help from Almighty Allah at such times would result in good results soon. Muslims around the world should look into this matter and devise any peaceful solutions to such crises with keeping in minds the sentiments of Muslims and Burmese people.

May Allah Rabbul Izzat shower Mercy Peace and Blessings upon Burmese Muslims Ameen.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession