The recent attacks by the Australian people on the Indian counterparts has raised many doubts and suspicious queries in the mind of the people. Moreover it has also defame and proved peril for the Australian image in the international arena. Many news channels and media spells about the daily homework of abusive torture, threat, insult meted and cained to the poor Indians. The Island famous for flora and fona of natural beauty has turn out to be a dens place for the Indians which depict the ugly face of racism which is not at all appreciated by any human beings or any nation in the world.

It is not to be forgotten that all humans be it from any part are the children of Adam and Eve, than why such situation of differences prevailed in the western society. However it is to be noted that India the land of multilingual society with so many caste, creed, tribes, race live happily in our nation. Many foreign tourists comb daily in our nation, but not a single tourist feel solitary, insecure or frightened because we consider our guest as our crown and try to maintain the glory and dignity and blend friendly relationships with our guest be he or she from any part of the world. We Indians have no sinister thinking for anyone including foreigner or student as a tourists. Great leaders like like Martin Luther, Socrates, Mahatama Gandhi, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, Nelson Mandela fought fearlessly and untiringly to demolish the walls of apartheid racism which sowed the seeds of divisions and separation in the society and obstructed all the developmental projects of the nation. Some nations do have specific laws enacted to curb racism. However it is to be noted we can't blame Australia or any nation for such happenings of racism because it is the out come of handful of people who fail to understand the basic principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.

Every nation has people with such mental agony however it is the responsibility of the bureaucrats and government in general to change and evade their minds from racism to internationalism to deceive a set of example of its own kind. They should reach at the grassroots level to tackle such explosive display of such horrible shows in their society or a state. On the other hand we Indian should not forget that we are stranger in abroad or any nation we reside and we have been there for either work or study so got to adjust with such situations and be calm, quiet, tolerant, kind, and humble enough to put forth our demands by using innovative methods giving by Mahatma Gandhi and not to lose our temper. Do come out with flying colours from your Alma mater or University. Our constitution sprinkles values of liberty, equality and fraternity it is a unique factor of our Indian society. Violence, attacks, hatred, torture are the measures that has given rise to more and more serious problems than to solutions. Stop racism and hug people be he or she black, white, or brown from any part of the globe on the grounds of humanity and universal brotherhood.

Liyakat Shah M.A. B.ED

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles