Living Relationship Ends With Breakup

Living relationship means both male and female live together without performing ties of marriage and this type of tradition is very much common in western countries especially America. They say that it is an ideology to be familiar with the person with whom we prefer to marry. But very sad to say that maximum of such living relationship ended up with breakup and failure. There are many reasons for that the main reason is that by staying together prior marriage is a wrong concept to judge either of them. If two identical sex stay in same room than there is hundred percent possibility of arousing sexual desires and they would look forward for crossing the limits because they have the best reason that soon they would be in the bond of marriage. Both of them never hesitate to do that and may enjoy for time being but both repent when they fail to marry each other.

Living together to understand each other is a wrong phenomenon. If one does not trust a person than how would the same person trust after the marriage? In order to judge a person one has to consult family and relatives to get a detail report of a person and this can be done formally or informally. We can also approach the consulting person to know about the habits, behavior and nature of a person. Just by living together to judge each other is nothing but a temporary enjoyment before marriage in the name of living relationship.

Marriages which have a base of living relationship do not last longer and often ends with a sad note. The couples do not trust each other after marriage. By living together to judge a person is not the right procedure a person can be better understood or judged by his behavior and character. Similarly marriages that are arranged by our parents or senior people are more everlasting it is because experience counts.

Henceforth those people who think of living relationship should think thousands time before you opt for that. Remember one day we have to answer for all our relations to Almighty God. So say no living relationship and say yes to arrange marriages.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession