In the name of Almighty God who is the Creator of this creation.

First of all billions and millions of thanks to Almighty God who created us as human beings When we speak of youth than an image comes to our mind that, it is an age of storm and stress. An age where one begins to fill that we are rather highly qualitative and experienced person whereby we begin to over act at some situation. Sometimes our actions are dominated in such a way that we try to attract the attentions of others for no reason. Remember life is precious gift of God for which the person has to live only once and all his or her work be it good or bad is being recorded and one has to answer about our deeds. So our work should be for the well being for others. Win hearts of people by sweet words and not by any abusive, torture or insulting words. You may be remembered by the people by your good acts and generosity. Good actions, good behavior, moral values are sometimes inborn or inculcated by our parents or teachers and must be implanted at every step to keep its basic values alive. Today maximum youth of world are addicted with eating, chewing and drinking of many intoxications elements in the form of tobacco, smoking, drinking, smack, drugs and many more harmful things which destroys not only their homes but also body. However it is not to be forgotten that our whole body be it internal or external is a precious gift from God and we do not have any right what so ever to harm spoil or destroy the Creation of God who has made all living things.

Today is the world of fashion and every day new innovative methods are highlighted to attract the younger generation. But very said to speak that when God made a person as male or a female than why one intends to change his or her appearance. Today we find that boys imitating the appearance of girls and same is the case with girls imitating our boys. We should wear proper clothes to cover and hide our body parts and not meant for exposure to others. The dressing up of attire should be suitable to us and should not become a talk for the people. Dress up in such a way that looks sober and which gives comfort and relax our body. Not to show our belly, thigh, stomach or waist to others. Both male and female should specially take care of it.

Another big problem with our younger generation is that they lack in values of social, spiritual, moral they may have a very good and healthy relationship with their parents, relatives and friends but it's not whole heartedly. They should love and respect and remember their parents every time. Its mother's love care and affection that makes a child to stand in this complex world. Hence it is rightly said that "Heaven lies under the feet of Mother". If mother is Heaven than Father is the gates of Heaven. The service of serving the parents at young or old age should be considered as boon because there are special benefits for such people from Almighty God. But the factual scene is exactly opposite they lack in spiritual values we often find them in a dilemma where they are in conflict, quarrel, distracted, frustrated and becomes angry for no reason. Their response for anything is spontaneous, they often take decisions in a haste. They feel themselves elegant to take and give any judgments.

During the younger generations guys begin to think beyond their imagination and they want to know the logic for every reason. But this thinking should be for the good and betterment of the people and society. Today the most dangerous thing that our youth are attracted is the porn or sex. Being a human a person ought to arouse sexual desires by the fascination of many vulgarity around us and it's a human Psychology in order to satisfy the lust we often cross the limits to relax our mind and body. Sex what so ever should never ever be done before marriage for God would punish us. We people think that no one knows about our private acts or actions of wrong doings but remember that it is Almighty God who has a very bright vision to see our every bit of actions till we are alive. We could not hide from Him. Our body parts would act as a witness for our every good or bad work. Marriage is the best of best solution to put an end to the problem of sexuality. Find a right and suitable pair and get married soon. Consult your seniors in matters of marriage or any other problems.

Another problem with our youth is that they are not so religious minded. They often knock the doors of religious institutions just at difficult times. They waste their precious time in number of other irrelevant things but they do not have any time for praying to Almighty God. Prayer to Almighty God is must it is Who created us. We should be thankful to Him all the time till we are alive. God loves seventy times more than our parents. His Blessings and Mercy is immense and uncountable. God is not hungry for our Prayers but He want to save us from the fire of hell. Just imagine our whole body parts how nicely they are well balanced and placed in our body they work and function so systematically. It is hear that we should realize God and be very much thankful to Him. Make your behavior pious. Be honest, polite and be well cultured person. Leave your marks of good works and deeds on the minds and hearts of the people. Serve the people and love humans to spell out the lessons of humanity.

Keep your aims, motives and objectives high as above sky. Think not of gold and silver but think of diamonds, rubies and gems. Add wings to your aims dreams and desires be practical in life. Think beyond the horizon. Face the situations, problems or challenges give hundred percent to whatever opportunity one gets in his or her life. No work should be considered as degradable. Every work be it big or small has its own charms and way of working. Be honest at our work. Do not make or go in for fake promise. Say no to bribery satisfy your needs within your expenditure. This would give you a sound sleep at night and you would feel very happy the next day. Prepare and plan yourself in advance to avoid any delay in your work. Love poor and needy people give them helping hands if we can't give them any food or money at least try to guide help or inspire them with your precious words of courage for them. Think the cause and problem of others as our own self. Love all living beings do not play sentimental puppets with the people not to cheat, steal, or hoard anything.

Be liberal with your modes of transport avoid rash driving of any vehicle. Turn your media into silent mode. Make use of internet in your mobile computer laptops for learning and gaining something new knowledge each day. Listen to religious and devotional songs speeches read religious scriptures by using search engines to give you unique information about true God and religion. Try to reach at the depth of true religion. Beg for Blessings and Mercy of God.

May Almighty God give us proper intelligent to think and become a good human being to love, respect, help, guide people as well as our nation

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen various articles