School Teachers And Students

School an institution whose sole intention remains to impart good and qualitative education to the pupils and for this purpose some people gather to form an organization, foundation or a society. But now a day's many of aided schools or English medium schools have diverted this procedure as a means of business profession. If there is a post for any teaching or non-teaching staff than the post is first of all reserved for any of the member of management if not than they try to hunt any close or far relative. If still it is not available than the post is open for all and who ever fulfills the norms of management for the deal than that person becomes the lucky icon for the post Here one thing is to be noted that quality and experience has no place in this work. Reputed schools are highlighted along with their excellence in all departments and excellence of records with infrastructure in order to attract the admission. Similarly the donations and fees structure does not remains the same and keep on changing from time to time for which only the middle class or upper class can dream or afford to admit their wards. The lower class people have government or municipality schools to gain admission for their wards which lacks in terms of qualitative education. It does not means that all reputed schools does not give admission to poor or weaker sections of the society, but there are some schools which impart free education to such students and they do have a helping hand for them. School is an institution that imparts education to the pupils and its foundation base are the teachers who are well experienced, qualified and highly motivational in their respective subjects and departments. If they are being given proper resources and amenities from time to time Similarly Government should not give extra work to teachers rather than teaching because this would hamper their teaching work as a result they would not be able to complete their syllabus and teaching work and it has to be done by taking extra periods to cope with the left over teachings. Similarly the foundation under which the school is working should have clean administration to appoint nice and capable and talented teachers for which the students would be benefited from them. Not to underestimate any teachers as they too are also humans. Schools are the institutions that mold the pupils and they are provided with basic education, it is a stage of learning for them. They do not forget the teachings of early childhood. Even now also people remember their school days just because of its quality and uniqueness.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

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A teacher by profession