Pollution word is very much familiar to us it simply means that all harmful changes that occur in our environment due to human activities is called as pollution. And very sad to say that human plays a key role in this pollution. It would be not wrong if we say that human are totally responsible for this pollution around the world.

Pollution causes many harmful effects on our planet that is Earth and we are experiencing it all.

Three major changes that take place due to pollution are

The first is that today the world is experiencing a new method of changes in climatic conditions and this is because of Global Warming. The second is that people around the world is suffering from various diseases in which some are very dangerous which are caused due to pollution. The third which is very important is that there is shortage of natural resources. Due to on growing population the resources fell short.

There are four major types of pollution they are the Air pollution, the Water pollution, the Land pollution and the Sound pollution.

In Air pollution the air is polluted by various means of gases exhausted from vehicles and carbon mono oxide is released which causes air pollution.

Water pollution is cased due to dump of all sewage and garbage into the river and seas. Similarly industrial dirty water is drained into river to cause many water born disease.

In Land pollution land is polluted by means of using various pesticides and waste material is dumped under the ground and very sad the land is being most polluted by means of plastic bags which are non-degradable things.

In Sound pollution we have pollution of sounds. During the festive occasions the use of DJ's and digital sound system disturbs ecological balance of the environment. Similarly our localities are polluted by use of such things.

Henceforth take a pledge today to free our planet Earth from all sorts of pollution. The best and simple procedure to deal with pollution is that each one should plant one tree and take care of it till it grows fully to give shade, fruits, oxygen and many many more things.

Remember nature is created by Almighty God and we cannot go against the nature of Almighty God and if anyone who dares than would just perish.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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