The atmosphere all over India be it a state or the Union territory is evenly charged with elections for the Lok Sabha. Politician leave out no place or time to do their homework for their place they contest their elections. Every politician be it junior or senior spells out that they would lead India on the path of progress and development of India, and from the point of view of we viewers is just Lets see and watch the situation but not to be forgotten that we Indian people have most important role to play in forming the government our vote should not be termed as the scrap of paper or useless, but even single vote can change the scenario of politics. We should think positive and give our answer in the form of our voting not to let our vote go in vain or ruin.

Its this crucial time that we can give our answer to the politician in the form of voting. Vote fearlessly and happily to the party of your choice not to fall prey to anyone keep your own focal point as development and who ever you think so is the right person go ahead and caste your vote. Just by saying irreverent or negative that all politician are alike or of same family or thinking than its wrong if you think them as wrong than your vote can make them right. If all Indian especially younger generations think so than naturally the outcome would be overwhelming. But the core factor is that we have to take part in elections as a citizen of India and voter of your land where you reside. Not any politician including the topmost post occupied by the people are not born as so but they are the out come of their hard work and study that made them so. Like wise we can bring change in the society or a nation like wise.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles