Learn Smiling From Roses

Smile is the greatest gift of Almighty Allah Jalleshahnaho. It is a type of thing for which every human beings are associated with. It serves as a best of best tonic at times of boredom and sad times. In today's world people has also come forward to set up happy and laughing clubs for which they charge even money for sake of making people happy and fine. Even people seek admissions for joining such clubs to make the happy. Actually smile is a gift given Allah Tabaraqwatala to every person, but we do not use it from time to time when required or needed. We always have to be happy fresh and fine. Sorrow and sadness is almost associated with we all, only some may have few and some may have more. The more the people have worries and sadness the more firm he would become if face the situations with firm belief of Almighty Allah. Joy and sorrow comes from Allah Rabuul Izzat and we should have firm belief with Allah who would remove us from such situations. It's time to be happy and should not bring any changes on our face for people to ask a series of questions as to why we are sad?

Look at the poor rose flowers they grow in dirty mud and infertile soil, fed and brought up with dung of animals and filthy water with some manure. So in spite of such harmful things it still survives in adverse conditions and comes out into a shoot with a flick of sunlight and grows into a nice attractive green plant with some beautiful buds and leaves and those who do not survive the adverse conditions become dry and fall apart in few days and some buds and leaves overcome all conditions and stands firm with all type of weathers it bends down in storm in the direction of wind and again stand smiling after the storm is over. They never complain nor show their sad face. On the contrary these small buds open every day and a new beautiful flower is visible to the world which stands in between the sharp thorns even a slight movement would pierce the flower. But in spite of such conditions it still smiles and spreads a beautiful fragrance in the atmosphere without considering anyone's race or religion. A lesson is to be learnt from these flowers.

Similarly one heart touching sad thing would make us feel sad but still the rose flower smiles. A rose flower when is squeezed by hands or stampede by feet loses its charms and beautiful appearance. But in spite of such inhuman act it gives fragrance to the squeezed hands or stampede feet, and never responds to anyone by the same measure. Even if someone destroys or kills him even till the last moment gives fragrance to the person giving a message of peace and smile to the world. We human should also learn a lesson from it. Roses are being used at the times of celebration and at times of sad things. It has its respect and honors till the time of felicitations and is given a very nice and attractive look to bring a smile to the person who is felicitated by that. But as soon as the event or the programs are over people begin to lose its important and sometimes they are kept then and there on the dais or sometimes thrown on roads to bear more severe consequences. The way the roses are getting treatment is not good only roses can understand that.

We human should also keep on smiling in good and bad conditions. Keep on smiling. Smiling is a best Sunnat of our Beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings upon Him). So whatever may be the condition or situation keeps smiling. Smile may keep us fresh fine and relax our mind.
May Allah give us Hidayat to keep on smiling Ameen

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession