War And Its Causes

We know that even animals and birds fight among each other in person or in groups when they want to establish their superiority. Since human beings are animals too, they also must be indulging into same practice. But since human have power called logical thinking and reasoning, we expect that humans must resolve their issues in more peaceful ways. Still, there are issues where they cannot stay logical. Then authorities decide to sue primitive savage methods to resolve these issues and wars take place.

Often two different leaders or government bodies have a disagreement and get other people to fight for them, even if those who are fighting have no vested interest in the issues fought over. The original cause of war is not always known. Individual actions of war within a specific campaign are traditionally called battles. This means when a fight is restricted to a small locality and does not involve too many people or nations, it is a battle. When the fight involves a greater population by way of persons or nations, it is a war.

The factors leading to a war are often complicated and due to a range of issues. Where disputes arise over issues such as sovereignty, territory, resources, ideology and peaceful resolutions is not sought, fails, or is thwarted to war. We must remember that this has not always been observed either historically or currently or in the case of civil wars. A declaration of war is not normally made in internal wars.

The ways to fight war keep on changing with technology. Formerly there were just physical battles and wars fought on ground and battle fields. Now war has come to the common citizen too as the bomber planes bombard any areas of the enemy territory. In additions to air and water means to fight wars, there are some new techniques like chemical warfare and biological warfare. These techniques are very dangerous and can cause a wide spread destruction.

We had heard of the people of olden days who used to exhaust or destroy food supplies and poison water sources before they would leave the land on enemy attack when enemy would forcibly take possession of an area. The idea of the people then was that the enemy must get any supplies of food and die out of poison in water. Today's biological warfare also known as germ warfare is somewhat on the same lines. Here the pathogens causing epidemics are released in a certain area where enemy wants to attack. As a result, the citizens there become victims of that epidemic and die. Similarly when toxins are used for the same purpose, it is known as a chemical warfare.

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