What is a Mosque?
A Mosque is a place where Muslim around the world offer prayers to Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat. It is a type of building either big or small depending upon the population where the followers of Islam assemble to offer prayers called Salat. The Arabic word of Mosque literally means a place of prostration. We have five times daily mandatory prayers to be done collectively in the Mosque by the Muslim. Mosque serves as a place where Muslims come for offering prayers and for seeking information about Quran and Hadith as well as religious gatherings. Mosques such as Quba, Al-Haram, Al-Nabawi are the oldest Mosque in the world and have great importance in Islam because many Prophets and followers of Islam (Peace And Blessings Upon Them) have offered Salat and held many religious gatherings there. A Mosque has beautiful dome, minarets, gate to give a beautiful look of it.

Every Mosque has arrangements for water and proper sanitation for the people and travelers. Before performing a prayer a person has to wash and clean himself by performing Wudu ( ablutions). The Moaizan who is the care taker of the Mosque looks after the maintenance of the Mosque and has a best of best rewards for his service and whoever gets the opportunity of this work would be blessed in the Heaven. His duty is to give five times calling for the prayer which is known as Azaan or Adan which has praises for Almighty God and Prophet Mohammad( Pease And Blessings Upon Him). He announces people to come and join the prayer in order come closer to Almighty God. There are beautiful prayer mats on which prayers are offered. Some Mosque also has arrangements for females and privacy is maintained for them. The prayer is held at every stipulated time depending upon the geographical conditions of that land. At some place it may be morning prayers where as in some places it may be noon or evening prayers. So almost whole day that is 24 hours a day we have the rotation of five prayers all over the universe in the form of Azaan and Salat or recitation of Quran or discussion on Islamic things this is alive and greatest miracle of Allah Subanao Watala. Friday has a great importance in Islam. The importance of Friday prayer has also been narrated in Holy Quran which says that

O you who have believed, when [the adhOEn] is called for the
prayer on the day of JumuÔah [Friday], then proceed to the
remembrance of AllOEh and leave trade. That is better for you,
if you only knew.

10. And when the prayer has been concluded, disperse within the
land and seek from the bounty of AllOEh, and remember AllOEh
often that you may succeed.

(Surah Jumah Ayat No 9-10)

Hence people should remove the misconceptions that Mosques are the dwelling places of anti social elements but they are the Holy places on Earth that joins humans on grounds of universal brotherhood.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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