Eid-Ul-Fitr A Festival of Joy

Eid Ul Fitr is a day of joy and blessings for Muslims around the world. It is the time to get a great reward from Almighty Allah Rabbul Izzat. It marks the end of Holy month of Ramadan and end of one month fast. Muslim around the world thanks Allah SubhanoWatala for giving them strength to observe fast and do various Ibadat of Allah. In spite of having all the amenities available Muslim remain away from food, water and all bad things. It symbolizes the complete faith with Allah and devotions that we have fear of Him. Eid is a special day for Muslims. Eid is a day of joy and celebrations. People wear new clothes of their choice and proceed towards a place outside the town known as Eidgah for offering Eid Ul Fitr Solat. After the prayer a Duwa is done on mass level for people, society and nation and world.

Eid means joy and Fitr means charity. It means that our joy should be shared among the people from all walks of life. Be it a poor, rich, black, white and so on. Charity is an important factor in Islam and charity should be done whole heartedly so that the deprived or backward community could also enjoy the festival. On this day we have to be open minded and greet people who so ever, approach and hug them and share joy among each other.

Islam symbolizes universal brotherhood and so a care is to be taken for whole Ummat E Muslim. We should pray for all people around the globe to remain happy, prosperous and peaceful. Involve all those people who did not see the happiness from many days. Give them a helping hand to lift them up. Help them with money so that they can even satisfy their hunger. Give them basic amenities so that they can even live a life like we human beings. Provide them with shelter so that they can even cover themselves from open sky. Make them feel there are some people in this world who love and care for them. Mix with them to remove all their problems and sorrows.

Come brothers and sisters take up an opportunity on this auspicious occasion of Eid Ul Fitr to serve our Muslim brothers and sisters of our locality, who so ever find it out give first preference to our close relatives. Go and build up a healthy tie of family relationship forget all past bitter and sour things. Start a new chapter to make a first approach, even if they neglect or underestimate you give them smile and gifts. Hunt for those houses where we do not find any sound of utensils for cooking. Provide them with indigents for satisfying their hunger. We do not need to spent or invest all our belongings. But even our left over money or things can even do a lot. Remember our brother and sisters are being so much abused, tortured, and killed so the right of rehabilitations and protection lies on us.
Remember Allah would ask to us about responsibility.

May Allah Subhano Watala give us Hidayat to think about our responsibilities AMEEN

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession