Discipline In Islam

Discipline a form of code of behavior and ethics to be followed by human for betterment of life. Schools and universities are the institutions that are more bound to follow it. Discipline makes our life more systematic and well planned. It helps in gaining the desired results within a short period of time. Take for example the discipline in school is a key to success. Every member compromising of Head to sub staff has to follow it and especially students who are more provoked to bind themselves with rules and regulations of school like following proper time-table, coming and going to school on a specific time and so on. Every person has to follow the discipline and if one who is found of disobeying of it would be issued a memo for that.

Islam is such religion that teaches discipline for all round development. The offering of prayer that is Solat is the best example of discipline. People have to gather in a place called Mosque for offering the Prayer at a specific time depending upon geographical conditions. All people are lined horizontally irrespective of caste, creed, color and race under the leadership of an Imaam symbolizes discipline.

Similarly in the month of Ramzaan Muslims all over the world open and close the fast at a selected specific time depending upon a geographical condition, even a person who feels hungry or thirsty never dares to drink or eat in alone to think the presence of Allah Rabbul Izzat who is always watching us all the time. So the person rejects the concept of cheat or betray. Even small kids fear doing such experiments which symbolizes that they follow the discipline.
Then during the Holy month of Ramzaan every wealthy Muslim calculates and gives a proper Zakat in the form of Money, food, clothes or what so ever suitable to basic needs. In order to give Zakat one has to give money. So one does not hesitate for such procedure and freely gives Zakat to the poor people this also symbolizes discipline in Islam.

During the Holy Haj all Muslim from all over the world gather together and perform the same rites and actions at a mass level also symbolizes discipline.

So Islam teaches discipline for an all round development to make our life happier and progressive.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession