Types of Pollution

Air pollution

Man is largely responsible for air pollution. Vehicles discharge harmful gases into the air. So do factories. Even fires by human failure add to the amount of harmful gases in the air. The purchase and sails of vehicles has increased and too many old and new vehicles on the road have increased the percentage of carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide. People suffer from serious lungs disease due to air pollution. Similarly the cutting down of trees in large number has also added fuel to the serious problem to increase air pollution. Green zone or areas are few to find whereby people may get some fresh air to breathe in.

Water Pollution
Many of our water bodies too are polluted today. People wash clothes in lakes, ponds or rivers. They throw garbage into the water. All this causes water pollution. Bad or no drainage system also adds to the problem of water pollution. Factories give out waste liquids that get added to rivers and creeks and these pollute the water bodies. Many people in rural and urban areas wash their things utensils and domestic animals in river which also results in polluting the water. The water from such elements is not suitable for drinking, the water from river and ponds and lakes is not suitable for drinking for animals so thereby they fell ill and sometimes suffer from some ailments.

Noise Pollution
Noise pollution is also a kind of air pollution. At festival time, people let off firecrackers in large numbers. During wedding ceremonies and parties high- volume sound level in the locality. Horn blowing by vehicles also adds to the level of noise pollution. During any festive occasions the use of music is used to show the power of music so that the noise can reach almost in whole adjoining areas which may give witness of any celebration. But it just creates noise pollution which is harmful for people and patients admitted in the hospital. Our celebration should not disturb others.

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