Post may be defined as a thing that we deserve it according to our caliber experience and ability. If a proper candidate is filled with proper selection with a good intention than people society and nation would benefit a lot from it. And if any penetration of malpractice come into it than it can ruin whole procedure as well as may spoil all people who come in contact with it.

But the factual scene of today especially in India is totally different. Many posts are being occupied by undeserved, incompetent and inexperienced people. The post may be either in politics or any government organizations. No government sector is left out. In today's time we find politicians compromising from local to national level have occupied the seats and post which is not competent or suitable to them. First and foremost is that they had not gone in for free and fair elections and are being elected on grounds of fraud and cheat. Once elected they do not have time to think for the people of their constituency or area, if people who dare to approach them than they are returned by a pleasing answer that either they are outstation or busy.

Similarly bureaucrats who are salaried people do not do speedy work unless one provides them with energy by giving some extra money to get their work done in time with proper care and concentration. Yes they wait and wait and delay work just for few amount to be given in the form as bribe which gets the name a mark of gift to do the work.

In olden days post was denied by our national leaders. It was people who insisted and forced them to occupy the post and in present time people insist others to please bestow them with some post for which they may even pass rupees to achieve it. Powers are also being misused when a person occupies a post. If the post is there than powers have to be there, it's up to people how they use their post either to become famous by humble or cooperative nature or to be neglected as a corrupt or rude person.

In order to judge ourselves ask our own inner voice or voice of heart so as to speak the truth where are we standing and get the correct answer and if result is shocking than waste no time and improve us just now.
Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession