The daring decision taken by Maharashtra Government that too Education department regarding A.T.K.T needs applause. The main reason is that failure student's academic year would not be lost and would be liable and considered mere just as the passed student if he clears the given subjects in the stipulated span.The students who failed either in any of two subjects may be in S.S.C or H.S.C would would get a upper hand to clear the given subjects in an attempt to cope themselves with the passed students in the form A.T.K.T which means Allow To Keep Term so the pupil may be allowed to keep on his term to continue for further studies even if he or she has failed in either of two subjects.

Education department called upon views from many educationists, scholars and learned people and took the historical decision. This intention just depict us that the education department is so much concerned about the students and wants each one to be literate. In a rough estimate nearly lakhs of students would flow in for admission and would be benefited by this new scheme of A.T.K.T.

More over they also plan to set up and add certain divisions for junior and senior colleges. Because the flow of admissions would rise up following the number of students clearing themselves by the new educational policy. This would also put an end the graph of drops out students. There are many students who give up education if failed in either of exam. The new policy of education would enhance the standard of Education and students may feel much relax and tension free because of the new procedure. This may also lessen the burden of studies because the pupil has to concentrate on specific two subjects.However it is to be noted that those two irrespective subjects also has 80/20 pattern which compromise theory and oral under that scheme the pupil has to just score marks from the given theory paper and also has upperhand from oral exam.

Hence students of Maharashtra should make use of the best of best opportunity which is knocking their doors for grand success to bring changes in their life.

Mr. Liyakat Shah. M.A.( Eng) B.Ed

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A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles