Islam means complete submissions to the will of Almighty God that is Allah Rabbul Izzat. The moment the person says and obeys and inculcates the principle whole heartedly that there is no God except Allah and Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings upon him) is His Messenger than he or she comes in the Islamic fold by rejecting all deities be it dead or alive. Islam itself has taught us innumerable arts of living in Islamic way. Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings upon him) is the best of best example of it. He taught us basic lessons starting from Baitullha to baitulkhala compromising of minor to major activities of our day to day life including social, moral, spiritual, cultural and all other basic values related with living being or non-living things. He just didn't taught or spoke but He Himself implemented and followed the principles in His life and conveyed messages to the people. He was a very good husband, businessman, neighbour, trader, friend, judge and many more things.

Islam says to be clean and pure with your look and appearance. Cleaning of not only physical but also inner soul mind body and heart. Every step taken by a human being would be a boon for him or her.

Cleanliness is an important part of living in Islam. It is mandatory for a person to perform Wuzu before offering Namaz hence we can understand the importance of cleaning in Islam. Islam also says to wear neat and clean clothes which is available to us at ease. Wearing clean clothes, to put oil and comb regular hairs applying Surma in our eyes, making use of perfumes is also an important aspect of Islam. Females can do makeup for their husbands to keep them happy and have healthy relationship with them. She can make use of jewels to add beauty to her appearance. It does not mean that she can only wear gold or diamond jewels but whatever which is available to her according to her status. Hence cleanliness is an important aspect of every Muslim which is an Islamic art of living.

Islam teaches to love and respect our elders Islam says to love care and respect your parents even if they are non-Muslims. So from this we can understand Islamic art of livings. Mother is given the topmost priority. Hence her care attention service help is very often a boon for the child. People who have kind and generous heart towards their parents are often successful in their life. Islam also says to be kind with our relatives. There is no use of eating full fledge food in our house if our neighbour is hungry. Hence forth Islam teaches to feed poor and needy people to share our food with our neighbors and relatives and friends. To provide clothing and shelter those people which do not have proper clothing to wear and shelter to hide themselves. To dug wells and canals for the purpose of water which is to be given free of cost to the masses. Islamic art of living also teaches to take care and nourish properly animals as well as trees. It does not permit to cut green trees for no reason. To feed them as we feed our children at home. Not to take too much of work load from the animals against their capacity. To make arrangements for their fodder, grass as well as dwelling place.

Another important aspect of Islamic art of living is that it teaches a person to be punctual and systematic in his or her life. Every principle of Islam has punctuality and discipline to be inculcated in our life to give out glaring results. Azan which means a call for prayer that is Namaz is recited at a specific time that too five times a day all over the world. After Azan a Muslim man or a woman have to answer it by offering it at stipulated time depending upon the geographical conditions of that land. This shows the punctuality of time in Islam. Roza which means fast is mandatory for every Muslim to keep it from dawn to dusk is also governed by a specific laws which symbolizes about punctuality of time. Zakat means giving of charity of left over annual income by calculating with specific laws by multiplying the left over by 2.5% which is to be given to poor and needy people in the month of Ramzaan . It also symbolizes punctuality in Islam. Going on a holy Haj pilgrimage in selected time and performing of same traditions at one glance by wearing same costumes lined up to seek blessings and mercy of Almighty Allah is also a unique factor of Islam. Muslims all around the world gather irrespective of caste, colour, sex, race, traditions to perform the holy Haj which symbolizes truly Islamic art of living.

Every actions performed by our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace and blessings upon Him) became a Sunnat which has been proved a boon and fruitful even by the scientific research. Sunnat means to perform an action as it was performed by our Prophet. It's the same tradition that is carried on by the people around the globe. Sunnat also teaches an Islamic art of living if performed by the people than it would result in getting good rewards as well as betterment of our life.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen various articles