Publicity And Religion
Publicity is a type of device used by the people to advertise their products or good or may be a thing it is for this sake that many people take the help or religion to make it more popular among the people. They tend to cross the limits and often results to provoke hate rate among the society. Now days we find people and firms engaged in publicity to advertise their brand for personal gains to make use of religion. They tend to play sentimental puppets with the people and their feelings. It they want to advertise any of the products among the people than they use any measures to mingle that product or thing with any religion depending upon the geographical population of that religion and region. Today major religions of the world such as Islam, Christianity Buddhism, Hinduism has not been left out. They use names of God or names of Prophets (Peace and Blessings upon Them) or any religious tombs, saints or any Holy book, literature or any scriptures along with their brand to gain popularity for their products. In order to condemn such acts people come out on the street to protest for that. Such measures just disturb the peace and order in the society. No learned men would sit ideal to bear defame or insult of any of its religion. The protest and the protest are in many forms depending upon the way people want to protest. They may agitate or come on roads or they may start peaceful campaign or start signature campaign or file a suit or have a peaceful dialogue to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Those people who use religion as a measure of publicity are much aware of such consequences and reactions from the people and are well prepared with their homework and have all elements and doors opened to solve such crises. They keep all positions ready to deal with such situations. Any religion in the world it should not be used as a means of publicity on the contrary it should be kept away from it. It is Almighty God that has created religion and has full privileges to protect it from any defame or harm. We cannot go against the nature's law and things that are made would be final and He that is God only has the right reserved for everything and not human being to use it for our personal use and so on. Religion is pure and free from all sorts of human errors and falsehood. Similarly we cannot blame any religion for few handfuls of people who help such people who are against the principles of true religion. Humanity has no religion and at times of any calamities we tend to serve humans on the grounds of humanity not any individual on grounds on religion.
Religion is pure and clean and if we use it or mingle it with publicity or for our personal gains than it is not good because it is not our creation. It is created by Almighty God for the benefits of we people so that we could lead a happy and better life like good human beings. So not to make use of any religion for our personal or publicity purpose keep it separate to have its own religious principles
Mr. Liyakat Shah

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A teacher by profession