Be Like Bridges That Connects All

If we take the literal meaning of bridge than we mean that a structure that is built over a thing in which vehicles or people can cross from one side to another or a thing that connects two places is known as bridge. It is since ancient times that these bridges are being built that connect the nations, state, province or a village. From time to time bridge has helped human by standing still and helping every person, animals or things that go through it. The main intention of building bridges is that it gives a shorter route and saves our time and connects two areas.

We humans can learn a lot from these bridges as to live for connecting each other. We have different kind of bridges depending upon the geographical conditions. Some are built in terrain desert, some are in snow clad regions, some are in river, seas and oceans, some are on mountains, and some are on flat land. Some are very difficult to build but still human mind had surpassed all hazards and still dare to stand them. Off course if Allah wishes a thing to stand than only it can stand and He does not want a thing to happen than nothing is possible.

In India bridges are also a means of corruption many a times a huge scheme is launched for making a bridge to satisfy the needs of the people. So the whole project goes in crores of rupees starting from base to top most which is to be completed in few years. The work is in full progress at the starting point, but gradually slows down after the launching of scheme. Than after five years when the clouds of election begin to shower again there is an inauguration of that same bridge and the work gets little bit time being speed to witness by the people that bridge work is in progress and they should be loyal to the government who has undertaken the project for the favour of the people.
Well humans need to learn a lot from these bridges as they have no discrimination of what so ever. It gives opportunity to everyone to cross over it. So we humans also should device a theory of connecting with the people by keeping aside all differences.

Remember even if we can't build a bridge at least connect the people with our views to make our nation and society strong.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession