Appreciation And Criticism In Life
The above mentioned word goes parallel in everyone's life no one is left out. Even at times of Prophets (Peace and Blessings upon Them) there were many people who liked their best teachings and preachings for mankind and there were also people who favored devil side and criticized them for their good teachings. In the same way we are very much associated with appreciation and criticism in life.

But we human should understand its logic and be positive at both the situations. Many a times it is seen that when a person is appreciated than he feels very proud happy fresh and fine and loves to shower such praises in life from time to time, but when the same person is criticized than the situation is exactly opposite and he loses his patience and reaches the doors of anger and frustration. That is called the human psychology in terms of criticism. Generally it is seen that we feel very happy when our ears hear some praise words for our work and that same ears when hear something against us than the reaction is sometimes spontaneous.

Actually if we take criticism in another way that is a measure of improvement by welcoming criticism as a means of correcting our self than we would improve and learn a lot to become a good person, but to have such nature requires a big heart and bold mind set to remain neutral at both times. Remember we human likes and feels very elegant when someone praises and shower praise of applause in personal and same thing would get it wings when we become a topic of discussion in public for our good behavior, nature and good work.

These two words are frequently used in Indian politics. Our politicians are seen often criticized by the people for their work and policies and on the same way there are lots of appreciations for our freedom fighters. They are appreciated so much that they are even remembered today for their work and patriotism and even in books we have lessons about their bravery and feelings of patriotism. Thus we can discriminate the words of appreciation and criticism from each other. Be good with both the situation even if people criticize you than take it as a device to make necessary changes in our life. What we may think as good may be bad in people's eyes. Our work would be judged by the people appreciation or criticism.

May Almighty Allah give us Hidayat to appreciate very good work and to criticize every devils works. Ameen
Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession