Why To Be Jealous ?
Jealousy an act for which we feel sad and depressed by seeing others happy fresh and fine. Our heart feels pity and sad by gazing at happiness of others who are so good in their works, professions or departments. A person begins to feel jealous when he or she lacks in all such amenities. It is human psychology that when we sees much better people around him than his hearts tends to carve to achieve such laurels so for such situations he adopts the footsteps of jealousy. It is sometimes sudden or spontaneous reaction or sometimes slows in reaction. It is such an act that closes the vision of bright good appreciation work but keeps on searching and finding faults and errors of others and if they get any such minor issues than that thing is sufficient for them to spread it like wild fire between the people within and outside the circle. Sometimes the faults or mistakes are cared and nurtured so nicely with manure of jealousy by mixing unwanted, unspoken words with it to give a real look to send with firm belief between the heads and people. Such things are sufficient to boost a really good person to stand in the row of culprits to lose its position or status. Jealousy has many forms a person may feel jealous in his work, position, status and so on. People often fear that their post or status would go away if any good person does his work whole heartedly, but actually it is a false misconception among them. They have a typical nature that they waste their precious time in finding faults of people and keep on doing experiments on others to have a double standard. They convey the wrong message to other people and plaster it with few ups and down jealousy tips and dispatch it to the concerning person who always waits to welcome some new updates daily. People with such nature and company feel very proud when good people are underestimated by abuse, torture, scold, shout, insult or betray with jealousy. Than the person with good and soft nature feels sad grim and distracted that in spite of doing such good and hard work the result he gets is punishment. And the situation on the other side is festive they are cheerful, smile and laughter and celebration. Seeds of jealousy are very harmful it may destroy not only people but also society or a nation. Almighty God has not given similar things to all human beings differences occur in terms of looks, appearance, status, position, and physical appearance and so on. So why to feel jealous of such things. Work hard to gain those things that you are lacking or crave hard for that. Just by having jealousy one cannot achieve the desired things. Jealousy would just hurt the sentiments of the people as it takes few seconds to break the heart or image of a person but takes ages to heal it and bring it back to normal life.
Be happy and thankful to God for whatever He has given you or giving you or wants to give you.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles