Quran is the book of Allah
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
All Praises to Almighty Allah the Creator of this universe and all things in this world.
The Glorious Quran is the book of Allah, The wise and worthy of all praises, who has promised to safeguard it from any violation in its purity. It is a unique book with a supreme Author, An Eternal Message from Allah Subhano Watala. It contains the foundations for an entire system of life, covering a whole spectrum of issue, which range from specific articles of Faith and commandments of general moral teachings, rights and obligations, crime and punishment, personal and public law and a host of other private and social concerns. These issues are discussed in several ways, such as reminders of Allah's favours on His creation, admonitions and rebukes. The stories of past Nations are narrated, followed by the lessons to be learned from their destructions.
Therefore a believer who seeks the dignity of this worlds and bliss of Hereafter to regulate His life according to it and pay homage to the Magnificence Who revealed it. And may peace blessings be upon the seal of Prophets Mohammad who has said that the best among you is he who learned the Quran followed its commandments and taught the others. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, his family and all his companions.
The Summary is taken from the Book The Pearls Of Wisdom by Mrs. Badria Kazim (May Allah shower Blessings And Mercy upon Her)

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