Van Mahotsav The Festival Of Trees

Plants a beautiful creation of Allah Tabaraq Watala which is very useful to all human and animals. They give us innumerable things to us. They keep the percentage of oxygen balance in atmosphere. It is for such reason that today we find frequent visits to hill stations by the people. The reason for that is hill stations are green lush with greenery all around and have plenty of vegetation there. They purifier air and makes the atmosphere oxygenated which is need of present situation. But people on the other hand go against this ecological balance and they are found of cutting green lush trees and plants for settlements and civilizations. It takes many years to grow a small saplings into a full fledge tree and takes mere only few minutes to cut it. Hence we humans should not cut green trees and it is also not permitted in Islam. If all the trees are cut down in same manner than we would have to leave without trees and no trees means no oxygen and no oxygen means no living beings would survive. Hence forth we should not go against the laws of nature and try to plant more and more trees and saplings. Indian Government also starts many schemes and policies for preservation of natural vegetation and trees but all these policies fell short and lacks on grounds of implementation due to many potholes in it.

Panting of more and more trees is the requirement of the day. This is one of the most important towards curbing environmental pollution. Only a person who walks in the sun can appreciate the importance of the shade a tree provides. Trees grow from saplings. So we should make it a routine to plant as many saplings as possible. First we should select a healthy sapling and then plant it in the fertile soil. We should nurture it with proper care by watering daily. A sapling requires more care and attention than a tree. All saplings do not grow up into trees. Most of them do not survive due to adverse climatic conditions and lack of proper care. As the survival rate of the saplings is low, we should plant many saplings at a time. In India there are various festivals which are dedicated to planting saplings. Van Mahotsav is one such festival. So let's join hand to make the Earth a greener plant.

Hence take a pledge from today onwards that every human beings would plant or make arrangement of planting one sapling and to look after it till it grows into full fledge tree. Remember a tree would provide many types of facilities to humans. Hence it's not a question of just providing shade but also a lot to all.

Mr. Liyakat shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession