Let's Try To Change The Ideology Of Life

Life is meaningless if we live just for our sake, but it would get its proper meaning when we live for others. It does not mean that they are dependent on us. But it is our moral responsibility on grounds of humanism. For experimenting such things we do not have to plan or call or consult any instrumental person. But it's a free of cost service that comes from heart.

Today we ought to think about ourselves are we generous, kind and humble with others. Before eating delicious and varieties of food do we think about our poor brothers and sisters who do have even a loaf of bread to satisfy their hunger? Millions of people around the globe sleep without eating healthy and nutritious food and water. Let's take a pledge to feed at least to feed a person in our locality. If we cannot do that than insist another wealthy person to experiment such good habits which would result in getting good deeds.

Hence forth we have to do good deeds all through our life. Every good deed may be big or small would be counted and would result in getting blessings and mercy of Almighty Allah. Life is for a short span of time. Every living being has to taste death and depart at its specific time and have to answer about our life spent in duniya. So be prepared for it. Allah never punishes anyone it's our deeds that are responsible. Bad deeds are provoked and appreciated by devil and he insists a person to do it very fast with lot of elegance and good deeds are not given the same treatment. It requires tolerance, patience, sacrifice and sober heart and nature to experiment it.

Let's try to change our ideology of life and bring the desired changes to doing some good deeds every day and every time. Remember doing any good deeds does not require any treasure or wealth for doing even our guidance, suggestion, motivation and inspiration can boost anyone. If God has given us any talent then it should be used as a measure of doing good deeds that too free of cost just for the sake of serving humans to please Allah Subahno Watala.

May Allah rabbul Izzat give us Hidayat to do good deeds all through our life. Ameen

Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher and loves to pen articles on various issues