The Blessings Of Bismillha

Bismillaha means to begin every good work with the Name of Allah who is Most Gracious, Most Merciful. If any is work done by recitation of Bismillha than it would Bless our work

Once upon a time there lived a man who had one daughter who loved the religion of Islam and she had the habit of doing every work by reciting Bismillha. Every time she did her or anyone's work she used to repeat the same word Bismillha and would than proceed to do her work. By saying such melodious word she thought that she got inspiration and satisfaction for her mind and heart. She felt very happy whenever she recited it continuously and His father was a good friend of a native King. He narrated the whole incident about her daughter and her love for Islam. He said that every time she did any work she used to say Bismillha before starting any work. Days passed by and it happened to be that both of them that is father and King decided to teach a lesson to her and one day they both secretly planned out and it was decided that the King would give his precious ring to his friend and he would give it to her daughter to keep it safe as it is a belonging of a King and at night he would secretly wake up and take out the ring and throw it in the river. So the plan would out nicely the King called upon his friend and gave the ring to him to keep it safe at home and would bring whenever he would demand. Than the man took the ring and gave it to his daughter with a warning to keep it safe in the cupboard as it belongs to the King and would need it when he would demand. So hearing this the daughter gave a smile and said Bismillha and said Allah would protect the ring and saying this word she kept it in the cupboard and began to do her daily work along with the recitation of that word. As it was dark in the night when all were sleeping the father woke up according to the plan and took out the ring and went to the river side to throw it. As he threw the ring in the river a fish swallowed the ring. The next day a fisherman came to sell the fish as father was very much found of eating fish. So luckily she purchased the same fish which had swallowed the ring. As usual she said Bismillha and began to cut the stomach of the fish she was amazed to see the same ring that his father had given. She went to see the ring inside the cupboard but it was not there, than she put the ring there happily. The next day according to the plan the King demanded for the ring they thought that it is in the river. But as the father desired for the ring she said Bismillha and gave the ring with a smiling face. The father was amazed and asks a series of questions but all was in vain. Than the father narrated the whole story about their plan than she also told about the mystery about the ring and how did she have it back by the Blessings of Bismillha. Than the King and father also said that really Bismillha has a lot of Blessings.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles