Be First To Apologize

Well it may sound little bit awkward, but be the first to apologize for good things. Many a times in life we come across many instances that in spite of being on the side of truth we need to look down, the reason for that is that the opponent do not accept defeat or do not want to look down. In order to live a happy life we need to lead it on track of adjustment. It does not mean that we should appreciate or favour any thing that is false. It means that you have to adjust according to the situation and should be the first to apologize if the situation demands. By doing such an act one would not become small or would decrease or defame his status or respect.

Take example or those branches of trees that bend down during severe storm by respecting it and let it go and once the storm has gone than they still stand erect as ever as if nothing has happened to them. In the same way we should also adjust in life and lead according to the situation.

Now we humans should also apologize towards Almighty Allah for committing horrible sins and crimes during our whole life. We have never been a true person neither of faith nor of deeds. Our actions are generated for hurting and cheating the people by every possible means. We not only misuse our post or power but we cause a lot of destruction. Our day begins with small problems and ends with a big problem. We just crave for our self to take short cut routes to gain more and more money. Wealth has become our own destination and for achieving it we have forgotten the difference between good and bad. We have devised our own theories and laws according to our needs and adjustment. Money has replaced all our fears and cordial relationships among each other. We do not have any aim in life, but we are just going in after money which has a temporary lust and charms.

For all those things that are temporary we need to apologize to Allah for all our bad things. Remember one day we have to answer to our God about our life that we lived on this Earth so be prepared for that. May be it's our turn tomorrow.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession