Explanation of Surah No 113 of Quran AL-FALAQ (The Dawn)

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

THIS IS AN Early Meccan Surah. 'The Dawn' or the 'Day Break' takes its name from its name from word in the first verse. This and the following Surah are prayers for protection, this one being from fears proceeding from the unknown and from every kind of ill arising from outer nature and from darkness and evil plotting and every kind of fear, superstitions, danger and envy on the part of others.

The Prophet (PBUH) in his Mission, calling to worship One True God and cancelling the falsehood of the Meccan Pagans created a lot of enemies for himself. The Pagan Quraish tried to compromise with him by offering him wealth, kingdom etc. so that he will co-operate with them in their Polytheism of worshipping several gods. But the Prophet (PBUH) was very firm on his Faith. Therefore the Pagans tried to do evil plots against him to kill him or harm him or to do black magic on him so that he would become ill or mentally affected His worst enemy was Abu Jahal, whose jealousy was that why a Prophet (PBUH) was chosen from Abd Manaf which was the tribe of the Prophet (PBUH).

In those days the dark nights were full of awe, Most of the evil, robbery, rape attacks used to take place in silent dark nights so Pagans could never had peaceful sleep. These were the circumstances when this and the following Suras were revealed.

In this Allah advises His messenger (PBUH) (and to preach the others) to take refuge in your Lord Alone, since He is your Creator. So He knows you and your need well. When your Lord has the power to split the darkness of Nights to bring the Daybreak to give you peace of mind, otherwise if the darkness will remain forever, so your dangers will never end Therefore He has the power to protect you. So the best guard against it to take protection with the Lord of the Daybreak, Who with His Power can split the depth of darkness and produce the light, so same way taking refuge in Divine Guidance, He can remove all said evils from you.

Since He Alone is your Creator, So he is aware of all the mischiefs and He Alone can remove it from you by coming in His protection. You call your falsehood of your Reverends, Pundits, Guru, idols or even Jinns for protection which is useless since they do not know nor they know the kind of protection you need so how could they help you.

Those days when the Pagans used to cross some dark valleys, they used to call Jinns, the king of valley to protect them from any harm. So Allah says that instead you should take refuge with your Lord from the witchcraft, charms especially practiced by perverted women taking the help of Satan and evil spirits which is one of the seven big sins which Allah doesn't forgive

In the end Allah says to seek protection with your Lord alone from the mischiefs of the envious people who want to destroy your happiness of material, spiritual or any goodness that you enjoy with their jealousy and false rumours.

The Summary is taken from the Book "The Pearls Of Wisdom" by Mrs. Badria Kazim (May Allah shower Blessings And Mercy upon Her)
Mr. Liyakat Shah

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