Take Care Of Water

Water a form of liquid which is precious gift of Almighty Allah and every living being in this world make use of water in order to survive. We can say that there is no life without water. Water has a component of Hydrogen and Oxygen which is must for our body almost seventy one percent of total area on the Earth is covered with water and has various species that live and survive in this water. Among the water the maximum water is saline and it flows in the forms of oceans, seas, and rivers and so on.

Water is essential commodities of our homes and daily every human come across water as soon as he or she gets up early in the morning or either goes to bed. Water plays a very important role from birth to death and we are almost associated with us.

At home water is useful in many ways we use it for the purpose of cooking, washing, bathing and the main important is farming. We get good quality of crops and abundance in yield by making use of water. Farmers either depend on monsoon rains or water from rivers and wells for farming. Almighty God has created a beautiful cycle of water. And it is because of this water cycle that we get water throughout the year. So thanks to Almighty Allah for giving us precious gift of water, we see Allah's blessings and mercy in it. All species that lives either in water, land or air needs water for survival. Without water life would not exist.

Water is also used in factories and industries. If there is no water than all industries would standstill as water is necessary for running all the plants and firms. Similarly forest and all natural vegetation need water. Water would make the forest lush green to maintain the ecological balance in the environment. All the trees, plants, shrubs and creepers are dependent on water. So water is must for keeping the forest evergreen.
So we humans around the world should make arrangements of preserving water. Because there are also people in this world who have to travel miles and miles to fetch a pot full of water, so if we have water than should care for it as it is one of the natural resources of Almighty Allah.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession