If all the trees of the world are made into pen and if all the waters of oceans as ink than also could not write about the Mercy and Blessings of Almighty God. God's love and mercy is more vast than four oceans. His love is more than seventy times more than our parents. If a person comes walking towards God than God comes running towards that person. His blessings and mercy is immense. His mercy has no bounds or restrictions of any kind. He showers dew-dropical rains upon those who believe in Him or forget Him. He gives ample time for humans to repent even a last moment repent would forgive all the sins of a person probably he or she never do it again. So we can recognize the endless botanies and boundaries of love and mercy of Almighty God. Humans on the other hand have no mercy, pity or love for others living beings. We often find people engage in false means such as cheat, fraud, corruption, betray, amuse, quarrel, conflict, treason, carnage, torture and so on.
God's loves is equal for all. His mercy and blessings befalls on even those people who love and remember Him and also on those who remain aloof from Him. Many people have misconceptions that God loves those people who are rich and have all luxurious amenities available to them and God loves not much to those people who are poor or who have nothing as an earning source or who daily suffer for their bread and butter. It is a wrong concept both rich and poor that is King and beggar are alike to God. Actually it is a test for both of them that is the rich and poor people. The rich people are made rich to test them that do they share their wealth with the poor people. The poor people, orphanage, neighbours and relatives do have a share in it. If he is not doing so that he or she is not a real rich man. He may be rich in status in front of people but by religion point of view he is not a real rich man. For the poor people it is a testing time that does he thanks His Almighty God in such deprived situation does he remembers God in such circumstances. So treasure has no source of judging the mercy and blessings of God. They should not fall prey to frustration and complain on their decorating conditions. Joy and sorrow are part of life it is these things that fill in colours in our life.

Clouds may hover on their life for sometimes and even dark clouds have a blossom of showers of rains to bring back to life to the dead land in the form of progress and prosperity. Have firm belief in Almighty God who thinks much better for you thank you think for Himself. At every situation be it good or bad be thankful to God. He just wants us to be on the right path to reach the destination of Heaven. He cares so much for us so it is our duty to show love and care for Him.

Hence forth take a pledge from now onwards to thank Almighty God for whatever He has given or wants to give us because His mercy and blessings is uncountable for human beings to predict.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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