We are living in modern, scientific and technological age where the pace of the world is very high. Hence it is necessary for us to get education at any cost. Without education we are like body without soul. Education separates the ignorant person from learned one. It is rightly said that education gained cannot be stolen. Education is the back bone of every individual irrespective of caste creed or religion. Great strides have been done in many fields of science, computer, space, medicine, astronomy and many more because of education.

In olden days there were no proper means of facilities and equipments available for education. But the educator and the pupil were very conscious to impart and gain education. The factual scene of today is different because everything is available to us at ease and comfort, but due to our laziness and pessimistic attitude we remain aloof. There are many dropouts from schools and colleges and sadly nobody bothers for them. Our children should be given proper guidance to guide them to right path for their future career. If the student fails in any examination he gets frustrated, distracted and his mind always tortures him which leads him to give up his education. This is the time where our children should be motivated and encouraged where they would feel that failure does not mean that we should give up, but it does means that we are having a fresh start. Our parents should also think about the future of their children. We should not expect every child as a meritious student because whatever he has performed it is his individual performance and it should not be compared with others. If comparison is done between two students then it would lead to frustration. envy, and mental disorder of the student.

Hence whatever may be the performance of the student it should be appreciated and praised to give a glimpse of cheer on his or face. Because once the time goes away it would never come back again. Hence education is must and it should be gained at any cost.

Mr. Liyakat Shah M.A. B.ED

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles