Five Times Prayer (Salat) Is must

Five times prayer is must in Islam. The tradition of Prayer that is (Salat) has been carried on since ages and would continue as long as this world would is there. Salat a kind of prayer offered to Allah Rabbul Izzat it takes hardly five to ten minutes to offer it. Salat which is Farz means mandatory is must and one cannot leave it at any cost. At time of journey it can be shorten but cannot be left out. If a person is ill or due to some genuine reason can do it by sitting or by action suitable to him or her, but has to perform it one cannot leave it. It is mandatory for all Muslims in the universe be it male or female, generally male perform the Salat in Mosque and female perform it at home mean do it male do it collectively and female do it individually at home. Salat is very simple and if done whole heartedly one can find the desired changes in his or her life. It provides energy and vigor to our tired body. It gives daily tonic of exercise to our body parts. It brings closer to Allah and it warns us if we tend to do any bad thing. Salat is a symbol of unity and it give a message to the people that in Islam no one is superior or inferior all are same and no discriminations on any grounds. White can stand next to black, servant can stand next to King no one is big or small. Five times Salat is same everywhere in the universe any where we go we would find all this five Salat as common offered depending upon the geographical conditions of that land. It is for this purpose many Mosques are built to offer Salat by the people. Juma is very important day in a week a mass gathering is held in all Mosque a learned Islamic scholar known as Imam gives a speech with reference to Quran and Hadith followed by a Sermon in Arabic by standing on high place to address the people who came to offer Juma Salat. A message is given by the Imam on every Friday that we should do good deeds and offer Salat regularly and to follow the Sunnat of Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings upon Him). Salat is must and cannot be neglected by a Muslim. We have to answer about our left over Salat hence one has to make it as his or her habit as a part of daily routine and offer the Salat at its time. The names of five mandatory Salat are Fajr, Johar, Asar, Magrib and Isha. Hardly would it take few minutes to offer each Salat. People who regularly offer Salat five times a day always remain fresh fine and fit.
May Allah Subhano Watala give us Hidayat to offer Salat at its regular time Ammen

Mr. Liyakat Shah

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A teacher by profession