Soil Pollution And Water Pollution
Soil Pollution
Soil a very important creation of God which helps every living being to survive on earth. It helps to grow different types of vegetation to add beauty to nature and also to be used as food for humans and fodder for animals. It benefits humans and animals all this is possible if the soil is good and fertile and if supplied with proper water and manure would yield good quality of crops. But unfortunately this soil is polluted by we human who results in degradation and spoiling of soil. Its fertility is lost by using too much of pesticides and dumping of non- degradable material in it.
Soil pollution is the result of the build-up of harmful substances in the soil that hamper the growth of plants and also affect animal health. This can happen due to the application of pesticides and dumping of the industrial wastes into the soil. This is the result of an increase in the number of factories and chemical usage. Many health problems are especially for people in direct contact with them, such as in playground, parks, schools, and residence. One of the main soil pollutants is lead which is very much harmful for us
Water Pollution
Water an important resources created by God but this water is polluted by all ways and means by humans. They do not care at all even if water is being polluted. Industries and factories dump polluted water and makes water contaminated which is not fit for drinking by humans animals they drink such water and die fishes they could not survive in such water as a result they too could not survive in it.
Water pollution occurs because of the introduction of pollutants into a water body such as a river or a lake. Various types of pollutants enter the water through sewage, industrial waste and waste material of the farms. These pollutants harm the plants and animals life of the water bodies and also make the water unfit for human beings. The fishes which are found in the water bodies if consumed may lead to various water borne diseases such as dysentery, jaundice, etc and also various skin diseases. Industries should take steps to detoxify the waste materials before they are discharged in water bodies. Also the sewage should be treated before it is discharged in a water body and pollute the water beings should not pollute the water by bathing or washing in it.

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