Present And Past Indian Politicians

India is a land of rich and varied culture and tourist always flock together to see beautiful Indian culture of historical monuments. The land of India has given many patriotic politicians who laid down their life for the sake of motherland. But today's politician lacks in the department of patriotism.

Well the statement may sound somewhat typical but it's a general talk among the people so as the land of India which produced and gave some eminent and very good politician who had the sole intention of helping India by all their means. They were far behind personal name and fame and often neglected in public celebrations. They lead a very simple, humble and innocent life but were scholars in their department. They worked hard for day and night for making India a progressive and prosperous country. They were imbibed with feelings of patriotism to the fullest length. They felt happy when they were satisfied with their work. They gave topmost priority in serving the nation. Dr. B.R Ambedkar was a genius personality who drafted the Constitution of India. The Constitution of India gives equal opportunities to all Indians.

Today's politician can no way be compared with the past politicians of India. Today flow of money in politics has closed the visions of thinking for the nation, society and people. They are so much attached with it that they never think for people or a nation. Sometimes the fund allotted to them for the developmental work lay in their accounts without doing any of developmental work in their constituencies. Today's politician wake up at the time of elections and they tend to show that they are so much concerned for the people of their constituencies. We can find that works begins in full swing for whole day and night to win the hearts of the people and to show that if they elect them as their representative in the current election than would change the picture of their place. But it's just a dream and a measure to gain the vote bank. People are very humble and innocent and fell prey to such time being fantasy and they also join their fold in the rally or work hard for publicity just for few money. The reason is that during election time it's a festive atmosphere and there are partying and celebration everywhere for the followers. The policies and schemes of the Government are very nice and look very elegant on paper but it lacks on ground of implementation and so could not get the desired results form that policy or schemes. In olden days our politician were sent to jail for fighting against injustice and freedom and today's politician have to prove their innocence in terms of allegations and corruptions.
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