Humble And Liberal Nature

God has given different types of people in the society some are egoistic, some are arrogant, some are co-operative and some have humble and liberal nature. Such type of people never quarrels with anyone they just smile and go and continue their life with silence. Even if someone insults them they give smile and never feel bad and in order to avoid any circumstances they tend to go away from that place. It does not mean that they are fit for nothing. Actually such types of people have a lot of patience and for them quarrels and conflicts have no place in their life. They defeat the opponent by their sober behavior. At times in group or gatherings also they never talk much and often listen to the sayings of the others. They never indulge in any of arguments nor do they intend to interrupt anyone in the middle to disturb them. They just wait for their time to come to speak and when they speak they speak about short that too about reality far from any hate or envy. They talk about general things and never discuss about anyone's in the topic. They have no back biting nature. There nature is simple they just live life with happiness, peace and honesty. They do not intend for lust in this world. They fear from Almighty God. At many times they are found compromising with the people. They tend to adopt the way of patience and rejoining of humans. They try to remove misunderstanding from the people. They speak the truth. There nature is same and does not change according to the season. They have liberal values with people for all categories. For them all are equal and they intend to implement equality in the society. They do not go in for name and fame. They help the poor and needy they have a generous heart to serve humans without showing off any of their policies.

Holy Qur'an says that

"O you who believe! Keep your duty to Allah and speak straight, true words." (Holy Quran 33:70)
"O you who believe, keep your duty to Allah, and be with the truthful people." (9:119)
"Be maintainers of justice and bearers of true witness for Allah, even if it (the truth) goes against your own selves or parents or relatives or someone who is rich or poor." (4:135)

"It is most hateful in the sight of Allah that you say things which you do not do." (61:3)

"The servants of the Beneficent (Allah) are those who walk on the earth in humility." (25:63)
"Do not turn your face away from people in contempt, nor go about in the land exultingly." (31:18)
"Do not ascribe purity to yourselves. Allah knows best who is righteous." (53:32)

"Allah loves those who are patient." (3:145)
"Give good news to the patient, who, when a misfortune befalls them, says: We are Allah's and to Him do we return." (2:155-156)

May Allah Tabarq Watala give us Hidayat to have honest, truthful and liberal nature. Ameen
Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles