Give True And Honest Judgments

Judgment a procedure by which one may ruin or build anyone's life or character. But this judgment should be given honestly without favoring any one and the person who is giving judgment ought to have a profound knowledge of giving judgment to favor true justice irrespective of caste and creed. A judge who is giving judgments should consider opinions of both the parties before giving any judgments if judgment is giving by considering only one side or person than it is a wrong judgment because only one side or party has the right to speak, on the contrary both the sides should have been given equal time and freedom to speak keep their opinions before the judge, than views of examine and cross examining should be done than judgment should be given truly and honestly without favoring any one side. Similarly poor, down trodden and backward class should be given equal opportunity to speak and put forth their cases and clauses so that these things may have firmness and strong position from their point. Judgment is very sensitive and one should think a lot a before giving any judgment because it may make his life prosperous and happy and if he is haunted by wrong judgment than it may destroy his life. Even a beggar slave or peasant should be given equal judgment without considering his status or family background. Judgment can be true and honest when the judge himself is pious honest and truthful and if he has fallen prey to any mal practice than we cannot expect clean and true judgment because mal practice has closed his vision to see the truth and honesty in cases. Here the judgment is rotated between false and cheat. They should have fear of God and not of any humans in giving true judgment. It is this true judgment that the culprit would get legal punishment and crime would be stopped and people may believe in judiciary and have faith in it. Hence all people would approach to court for any of evil things. Judge the case by its principles of judging and not by people who wants to favor in their side. Both the parties should be given ample time to clarify their cases and do consider the case in terms of evidence and witness which would make the case more simple and to derive truth from it to give true judgment. Remember if any false or wrong judgment is given lacking in terms of evidence, proof or witness than the person who gave judgment would be responsible for that. Hence think a lot before giving judgment in any ones favors. So always give true and honest judgment without fearing any one. Remember one has to answer about the given judgment to Almighty God so think before you give judgment So think a lot before you give any judgments.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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