People around the world may be having many questions in their minds regarding the existence of God. As we human beings have not seen the Almighty God who is the Creator of this creation. To be honest enough today we find people worshipping various deities in the form of plants, animals, idols, sun, moon, fire, water, graves, saints, godly people and so on. But have we ever tested this deities as too are they real Gods who created this Universe and all the innumerable livings and non-livings things in this Universe just think for a while and try to get the logical answer behind it. Mere just by neglecting the fact and following the same customs and traditions of our fore fathers is not the solution to our problem. But a through introspection is to be done as to who is real God who cares, loves, makes and fulfill our desires.

Here is a beautiful test in order to test our deities. In Holy Quran
Surah 112. The Unity, Sincerity, Oneness Of Allah
1. Say: He is God, the One and Only;
2. God, the Eternal, Absolute;
3. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
4. And there is none like unto Him.

The above four verses of Holy Quran are the best of best way to get a clear definition of Almighty God. He is the Almighty God the One and Only One. He does not have any partners. He is Eternal He is everlasting and always existing. He is Absolute means free from all imperfection and is totally complete and perfect. He begetteth not means He does give birth to anyone nor He begotten means nor He was born by someone. And there is none like unto Him means He cannot be compared with anyone He is alone.

Thus we find that Allah is the Almighty God who is the Creator of this Creation. He created all things in the Universe. All the life cycle be it livings or non-livings on this Earth follow and obey His command, none can escape from Him, none can be hidden from Him. He knows what is there in our hearts. He cares and loves all livings and non-livings things. He created huge sky above us which stands without any support or a pillars. He created huge mountains that stands still He created vast oceans whose water is saline as well as sweet even if both the waters meets than also He keeps them separated from each other. He created many countless species in plants, animals, fruits, vegetables and many more a true example can be traced that some fruits and vegetables grows above the soil some below the soil some in water. So all his creation varies in terms of look, appearance, colour, taste, contains and many more things. All fruits are not alike as they may be very sweet or just sweet, sour, bitter, tasteless, juicy, creamy, milky, watery, delicious, crunchy and so on. Who has such power to provide such contains in all eatables. He created all these things for human beings to satisfy their hunger and also such contains gives desired necessary vigor and energy to our body. Who taught birds to fly, Who taught fishes to swim, Who gives rains, Who makes child in mother's womb, Why does day and night change from time to time still many more questions are there. The answer would be just its the Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat who governs all these things in specific laws He never gets tired. He can be called by different beautiful melodious names. To know in detail about Him one has to read the Holy Quran with meaning and understanding to recharge our self.

He created humans starting from Prophet Adam (A.S) He sent His Messengers starting from Prophet Adam (A.S) till Prophet Mohammad (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) from time to time for the guidance of humanity. He also gave miracles to Prophets to show His divine power. Every Prophet that came to the earth spoke about oneness of God He does not have any son or a daughter He is alone He does not have any partner. His Mercy and Blessings is very vast He feeds even those people who neglects and never believes in Him. Rather He gives ample time to come back to the right track. He never punishes us immediately. He gives lot of time to repent ourselves. He loves seventy times more than our mother so imagine His mercy. He forgives our sins even if there is a prick of thorn in our feet. He loves His subjects very much. Every human being has to gather At The Day Of Judgment and have to give answers for his beautiful life which He has given to us. Our records of good or bad deeds would be exposed before Him and shall be either punished or rewarded by His Mercy. He may forgive all our sins but He may never forgive our those sins by which we made partners of Him by joining Him with other deities. God has kept everything thing in this world in a balance way there is life with death, day with night, joy with sorrow. No one has the power to go against His creation. If one has to die than no so ever has the power to save his or her life at any cost, but if God want a person to live than on one has any power to kill or harm him or her at any cost.

Hence think over about our own God and try to believe in true God. He is alone do not make His partners. May Almighty God shower rains of Blessings and Mercy Upon people to follow true religion. Ameen
Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles