Now a days many people are addicted with many intoxicating things such as wine, liquor, tobacco, cigarettes, brown sugar, snack, drugs and so on they have a misconception that by consuming the so called materials would relax their tired mind and body form burden of tension. Actually it is not so our mind and body would have a sound sleep or tension free when we think of every aspect in a positive way. If we run away from the problem then we won't taste the beauty of success. Every individual in this world has some or the other problems. People may get some time being satisfaction from such harmful nuisance but its results would be devastating for our body. No doubt the contents and elements in such intoxicants may give us sound sleep but that sleep is not in a natural way we have intended to make our mind fatigue by making use of extra ordinary elements to make our body feel like sleepy.

God has given us beautiful night to sleep and day for working. Sleep is a natural phenomenon that our body wants after a hectic work and we begin to feel drowsy and cross unless we have a proper place to rest our tired body. If one does not gets a sound sleep at night than it shows that he or she has some basic problems hovering over them. It is that thinking process that makes the person to think and think and so the mind could not concentrate and becomes unstable. If such series of questions comes in our mind than sleep vanishes away. Mostly teen age group are more addicted with intoxicating elements. It has become a fashion for them to consume such things to show their status. They may get timely happiness but as they grow than they may realize its destructive features. If one rejects taking in of such things then he is argued and teased to insist him or her to mere just taste and then it becomes a habit and is carried on for many years. One big problem in the society is that in order to satisfy their thirst for such things they often commit some unwanted crimes in or around to get needed money to purchase them. They even tend to sell things of their homes or relatives to get the needed things.

So say no to drugs and say yes to life. Because Life is precious gift of God, Everyone in this world has some or the other big or small problems. Life is a combination of joy and sorrow once the teen life goes than it won't come back again so take it as advantage and thank God for whatever He has given or wants to give you.

Liyakat Shah
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