Fear an act that makes a person shiver or frightened be it in public or personal and if a person posses such quality of fearing Almighty God than this action would keep him on the right path of his life and would be benefited in this world as well as the life after his death. Many a times in life a person may get an easy opportunity either to betray someone or to misuse his post or status to be benefitted from it, to improve his standard of living but if the so called procedure is rejected by mere on grounds of fear of God than it is a sign of a true believer of God not only by heart by all his means and firm belief.

Many times a person thinks that there is no one to keep a watch on his personal movements and often commits some minor to major crimes. At such times he or she is funded by the shaytan or the devil who feels very proud and happy if any person commits or thinks of doing any bad work. The devil makes the act of crime very simple and gives nice amazing innovative thoughts in the mind of a person so as to how to tackle with such situations, he insists to try some new and old tricks and get temporary satisfaction and relief by removing fear of God from the mind of a person. devil always feels very happy when a person commits any mistake, sins or crimes, he wants people to give up fear of God for once and always and do those bad things that would take far away from the fear of God in order to do those unwanted things that his heart likes to do which would lead him to destruction, he supports fully to cross any limits to fulfill the person's lust and desires for unwanted things.

But in this complex world there are also people who clearly understand the steps of shaytan and they are very much aware of such tactics and do not allow the devil to be successful in his mission they know how to tackle the situations and it is fear of God that they have constant true and honest behavior be it personal or general or in public. Their heart is the guide for them which guides them at every step they take. They clearly understand the steps of devil and what he wants them to do. They are very much cautious and curb all steps of shaytan. They never allow any opportunity to be given to him to gain any advantage. For them fear of God is the topmost point that too in any circumstances. If any problem befalls on them than they do not become sad or keep on complaining, but on the contrary they welcome it smile and bear it with patience. They have high esteem and moral, there heart has a fear of God.

May we humans have a soft heart to have true fear Almighty God Allah Jalleshahnao Ameen

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles