People around the world are closely associated with LPG cylinders and it is the part and parcel of our domestic live. Our well furnished and decorated kitchen would be incomplete in absence of Gas cylinders. Our whole cooking procedure is totally dependent on Gas cylinders.

But very sad to speak about the same Gas cylinders has been used as a play card for our Indian politicians. After every five to six months there is a hike in price of Gas. It is this Gas cylinder that has become the talk of every Indian. The reasons for that are many. But the core topic remains the hike in price rise and another is that a consumer would avail only six cylinders in 365 days that is in a year with the rates prescribed by the government and if the consumer needs more than that than would be charged according to the growing market price.

Indian politician are highly skilled in politics and have mastery over their carrier and they frame such policies that have political background. They tend to show that they frame the policies for favouring the people but that remains only a saying and they know much better what and how to do.
Now the serious question before us is that how come possible a poor and a middle class people afford to feed their family with just six cylinders in a year no way it is not at all possible. It is an act that goes against the rights of fundamental rights to live in this country. It is a measure of torture for the poor people. They promise to remove poverty and this is how they want to remove poverty. Actually they want more people to become poor. However one thing is to be noted that such act of Government would bring in more corruption and bribery. People may cross the limits to get the desired cylinders to satisfy their needs. There may also be a possibility for foreign countries go in for Indian market and may be likely to have Gas cylinders made in China and so on.
Gas is a domestic device which is required by every house be it rich or poor. Even a small family in India requires at least one cylinder in a month so likewise in all it requires twelve in a year. There should not be any discrimination with cylinders.

So do not play politics with Gas cylinders let it remain far away from dirty politics as it is a basic needs of we poor people who need it most rather than those wealthy people who do not care for it.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession