Earthquakes and Tsunamis
An earthquake is a sudden our burst and shaking of earth crust. It may cause huge loss of life and property. It last only for few seconds or minutes but may cause a large destruction. One cannot predict as to when and where an earthquake would occur. But some nations like Japan are more prone to earthquake. An earthquake that take place under the ground or under the bed of the ocean which than becomes Tsunamis which is more devastating than earthquake. If any earthquake occurs in the ocean than there are high tidal waves that comes out from the oceans and destroy lots of property and humans and anything that comes in its way. An earthquake is a sudden shaking or vibration in the earth's crust. The study of earthquake is called as Seismology and the instrument used to measure is Seismograph which records the earthquake on a scale to show the amount of prediction of earthquake. The scale used to measure earthquake is called Richter scale. This scale was developed by Charles Francis Richter of United States of America so it derived its name as Richter scale. The origin point of earthquake is called the Focus which means the actual point from where the earthquake started or occurred. This point lies below the surface of the rock or bed of ocean. The point on the earth above the focus is called as Epicenter. The frequency of earthquake does not remain the same all the time it keeps on changing. Sometimes it is mild or sometime moderate or sometime very strong. Some earthquake is of low intensity which is not felt by us. Now days with modern means people even record the vibration and movements of an earthquake and tsunami in mobile or handy cams.
Tsunami is a Japanese word which means harbor waves. A tsunami is a series of huge waves that occur under disturbance by either earthquake or volcanic eruptions. These are huge waves that origins from the part of earthquake from the ocean bed and travel in all directions destroying all that things that come in the middle. During tsunami we find big malls, aero planes, and huge containers seen as floating in water. It takes away all that things that come in its way. The force of water is such that it could not with stand anything.

Holy Quran has one Surah related with earthquake
Surah 99. The Earthquake
1. When the earth is shaken to her (utmost) convulsion,
2. And the earth throws up her burdens (from within),
3. And man cries (distressed): 'What is the matter with her?'-
4. On that Day will she declare her tidings:
5. For that thy Lord will have given her inspiration.
6. On that Day will men proceed in companies sorted out, to be shown the deeds that they (had done).
7. Then shall anyone who has done an atom's weight of good, see it!
8. And anyone who has done an atom's weight of evil, shall see it.

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