Books Are Our Best Friends

If we know to read and understand any reading material than we are lucky enough to be benefited from books and they would become our best of best friends. There are various kinds of books depending upon our choice. There are some books of great authors whose master piece is so emotional that appeals to our heart to bring in tears in the eyes of readers on basis of its plot, moves, settings and tragedy. It's well placed and balanced characters are so nicely placed, so well that appeal to our mind in terms of meanings and heart touching. Our face becomes sad and happy by the movements of the pages. As we proceed further it develops curiosity in our mind. Books also serves as best time pass. Books help us to update our knowledge. It tells about the happenings in the world. We can gain new and old knowledge with the help of books. We can gain knowledge of different subjects of our like or choice. Books can give us good company to us we can read it in leisure hours. If one is free and traveling than can pick up a copy of any book and read and gain knowledge. A few pages of daily reading would nourish our mind.

In olden days the knowledge of literature was well preserved by the people as pages were not available so those people preserved the knowledge by writing them on leaves, bark of a tree, stones or metals and the message was carried on through generations. Books can give knowledge about various people and nations. Just by sitting at home we can be acquainted about different customs and traditions. Good books serve as best tonic for our tired mind. During travel on any journey one is incomplete without books. There are many books on many topics any topic would just boost our knowledge. A frequent reader is good reader and has a good collection of vocabulary. Similarly a frequent reader of books is very good with general knowledge and often illustrates any talk with a suitable example which gives firmness in his talk. We come closer in contact with culture and way of living. Books provide us with pleasure and satisfaction it all depends upon our choice of reading materials. If we read good books than would get good knowledge and if we read bad books would be associated with bad things. It all depends on our thinking.
Hence do read good books to gain good knowledge and to build purity in character.

Holy Quran is the most widely read book in the whole universe.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession