Interfaith Marriages
Marriage is closest and beautiful relation between two identical souls a precaution is must to choose our life partner as we have to spend our whole life in his or her presence as long as we are alive. First and foremost thing is that we ought to find a proper, true and honest Muslim match rather than going in for Non-Muslim to have marriage ties with him or her. As we felt short in experience and take a decision in haste without considering its consequences. As a result a good and happy life ends into sadness and sorrows. The main reason for such situation is that at time of taking decision for marriage we have preferred and chosen a life partner in terms of short time appearances which gives us a lot of trust and confidence for time being. But the real problem begins after the marriage as it is a question of faith a Muslim women cannot survive in Non-Muslim culture either she has to give up her faith or bear the abuse and torture as it has a differences in faith, culture and customs. Hence either she gives up her faith or if she is good enough with true Emaan and faith she can make her Muslim. But these are the rare things found today as our dwelling place is dominated by male and she has to obey and follow all duties. If the faith do not match than quarrels, conflicts and anger starts and the procedure ends with a roar of divorce.

Once the women gives up her faith in Allah and appreciates other religion of her husband than she is no more a Muslim woman because she has given up the faith of trusting and belief in Almighty Allah who is One and Only One and has no partners or associates. A Muslim man who is a beggar or belong to a very poor family but have high moral and true belief in Allah is much better than a Non-Muslim who owns a billions of rupees and luxury but lacks in terms of true faith with Allah.

Hence sisters around the world should think for this serious issue as it a question of choosing their life mate as one has to live for whole life along with her family and children. Not to open the doors for problems and complications. Marriage is a purest bond between two identical people and people around the world undergo such procedure to make their life happy and prosperous. It is just like a cart that moves with two wheels one of husband and another of wife. If both the wheels are of same size, shape, nature, quality than the cart would move further and if one differs in any of department than the cart is unable to move, and once the cart is unable to move than our life would become a problem.

Take care while choosing our mate or a husband we have our parents and relatives who has sailed though such procedure and have a lot of experiences. Take their help in such matters discuss with them go in for a healthy and peaceful dialogue and remember to find a true and honest Muslim as your husband who has a complete faith in Almighty Allah even if he comes from a poor family or background. Do not take decisions in hurry or haste because it would take just a fraction of second to spoil and ruin our Emman in which all our deeds being a Muslim would be vanished. Remember we do not have our own life we have to think about our Allah, religion, parents, kids and generations to come. It may spoil a generation to come and may have a bad impact on our deeds. Life a beautiful gift of Allah so take it time to think before you go in for interfaith marriage think it thousands and thousands times. Consult any Islamic religious scholar before you want to take such decision.
So sisters around the world say yes to Muslim marriages and avoid interfaith marriages where our Emman is ruined and spoiled. Have firm belief in Almighty Allah Insha-Allah He would send a handsome prince at a proper date and time.

May Allah Rabbul Izzat give Hidayat to all sisters around the world to have Muslim marriage rather than interfaith marriages. Amen
Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession