The Cylinder Goes Political
The recent news rocked in newspaper had shocked the sentiments of the people. It quoted that the decision taken by the government of giving six cylinders in a year is under process and soon a person would avail nine cylinders instead of six prescribed by the government. But such facility would be given only to those states of India where we have a Congress lead government. Very sad to say that this gas cylinder has been used as a measure to play political game and also sentiments of the people, Now are those people where we do not have Congress government not Indian or not human. Why this difference in India on grounds of government. Why we poor people are being differentiated on grounds of politics. If government launches any schemes or policies than all Indian are to be benefited from that, not any region or state to be benefited from that.

Likewise this would create difference in the mind of the people. Gas is a necessary commodity and one cannot go away from it. So many big and small politicians are there in India but none of them think of the poor and humble people. They never care for launching schemes and policies for we poor people. They never lose any change of playing any political game with poor and humble people.
Whatever the situation may be it is only the poor and middle class people that suffer the most. In India there are seventy percent of people who live a life below poverty line who feed their family by working daily on casual basis. Who have no basic amenities of satisfying their basic needs? Many a times they sleep without food and water. Living a life in such circumstances is very difficult. But with firm trust, faith and confidence in Almighty God they dare to cross all hurdles in life and live a life hoping and thinking for a better future next time.

A new sun would rise one day to remove all worries and hurdles of life. So we Indian politician should at least think about such poor people as they are our Indian brothers and sisters and the responsibility lies on us as we have some post to serve and help them because you have chosen that profession of politics to serve the people and the nation.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession