Have Firm Belief In Almighty God Allah
Whatever the situation may be either good or bad do have firm belief in Almighty Allah Rabbul Izzat. For He would provide a better solution to the existing crises, actually it is a testing time for us to see whether a person remembers God in such examinations of good and bad situation. However it is seen that many a times in worse conditions human beings give up their hopes and often loosen their faith. We ought to be prepared physically and mentally to cope with any situations. It is God that can only solve our problem and no one has the right what so ever to save us if He wants us in such conditions it is God that can put an end or remove us from any drastic situations. It is He who governs the universe and cares for all the species in it. It is He who owns all keys of success, but the condition is that a person should have full complete faith in Him and His blessings. Never lose hope and be thankful to Him at any condition. Situation would be soon ok and alright. Every person be it rich or poor King or beggar all are attached with joy and sorrow pleasure and pain. If we just think about our situations or problems than life would be meaningless and would stop. Always think about people who have more bigger and complicated problems than us and how they survive in such situations where their day begins and ends with big and small problems. How they cope with such conditions but still we find a smile and cheerful face rather than complaining or cursing on their conditions learn from these people. If you look at your broken figure than think about a person without hands and legs, if one gets some problem than think about those people whose whole life just goes in solving the problems. If we worry for huge gallons of water to survive in this world than think of those people who travels miles and miles for a bucket of water, if we have any illness than think of those people whose whole life goes in visiting hospitals and medical shops to make arrangements for survival of life. If we get a loss in business than think of those people whose are destroyed in few seconds either in natural calamity or any mishap. Unless you have a firm belief in Almighty Allah one would not be safe in any phases of life. It is He who knows your condition much better than you know. He wants to see that how you survive in such circumstances and if you sail your boat in the vast oceans than you are the winner and He would be happy and pleased with you.
Don't tell how big your problem is, tell problem how big your God (Allah) is
Mr. Liyakat Shah
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